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Reviewer: red (Signed)
23 Jan 2010 09:27 am
oh, at last. I so wanted to comment, but couldn't do it @ GMBB archive..

..gorgeous. Before I started reading I wasn't really into Panik fiction - eyes caught Max/Jo plot line - but I couldn't tear myself off the text in something like 15 minutes after opening the page.

Thanks for this, really. It made its work: nerves spent, knuckles bitten, and AWW for the happy-end, it made my heart melt like ice-cream. b29;

(P.S.: ..the evil bitch inlove a.k.a. Jo Halbig has stolen my every-single-word of adoration. Like, really. That was stunning.)

Author's Response: You couldn't comment at the Big Bang archive? I thought anyone could create an account but I guess not. Thank you. I'm very glad you liked it and now I'm just glad I posted it here, seeing as it did get out to one other person. I mostly do Panik, though some crossovers as well, and you're always welcome to check me out at the Panik archive or my LJ. ;>
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